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Welcome to aBeeWell.co

Welcome to aBeeWell.co generic pharmacy - a website, providing various generic remedies of the best quality with a low cost.

The term "generic" started to be used in common practice for doctors and pharmacists in the 70s of the last century. Its appearance was caused by the necessity at the conceptual level to distinguish the original (first synthesized) medicine from its copy. If we describe the process of creating a new preparation in biblical language, then "at the beginning there was a molecule". Then the action of this molecule is consistently tested on cells, tissues, and animals (laboratory and pre-clinical studies). The next stage is clinical research in humans (healthy volunteers and real patients). If all tests are passed successfully, the novelty is registered and displayed on the market of pharmaceuticals. This process takes approximately 10-15 years and its financial side costs from 300 million to 1 billion dollars. To recover costs, there is a patent protection institute: each new product is protected by a patent, usually valid from 5 to 25 years, during which all rights to the original are owned solely by the manufacturer, which allows him to "repulse" financial costs. At the end of the patent protection period, any pharmaceutical manufacturer has the right to create a remedy with an identical chemical formula.

Security: generic or original?

Which drug is safer? Answer: Both. It is important to understand that the demands of regulatory bodies for generic remedies are as strict as they are to the original ones. Nobody will launch a semi-finished product with an obscure security profile since responsibility is so great. The generic drug should be as high-quality, effective, pharmaceutically pure and stable as the original. The same basic ingredients with the same mechanism of action are used in its production, which implies the identity of both therapeutic effects and potential risks.

Generics cheaper than originals?

A relatively small price is a key competitive benefit of generic drugs. At the same time, modest cost does not indicate a lower quality: it is due to the fact that companies producing chemical copies do not spend a penny on the development and research of efficiency and safety since all these measures have already been carried out. The cost of producing a copy drug is only 5% of the original cost. Thus, the retail price of the original and the generic may vary by an order of magnitude, which makes the latter a real salvation for those who can not afford unnecessary expenses or has got used to paying only reasonable prices for goods.

What remedies can anyone buy from our generic pharmacy?

With all the advantages of generic remedies as a phenomenon, not all copy preparations are "equally useful". The effectiveness and safety of reproduced medicines are influenced by the quality of the basic components the main raw material for the manufacture, the conditions of the medicine creation itself, the level of technology used. India is a country that has long been famous for quality and inexpensive generics. Suffice it to say that 4% of generic remedies on the US market are of Indian origin (although the production of remedies which are generic in America itself is put on stream). Speaking of the world market, it is conquered by India, which produces about a third part of all generic drugs, has long been irrevocable. The assortment of our pharmacy is made up of generic remedies originating from this beautiful country. All our products have quality certificates and are manufactured in strict accordance with the demands of Good Manufacturing Practice, the international standard for the production of remedies. This indicates the identity of not only the chemical formula of originals and generics but also the technology of production.